Seminaria Instytutowe

Gamma decay of GQR excited in 208Pb by proton inelastic scattering at CCB

by Maria Kmiecik (IFJ PAN)


An experimental campaign of measurements of the γ decay from states excited in nuclei using proton inelastic scattering reaction have been performed at CCB IFJ PAN. The main goal of the experiments was to study a very rare phenomenon – the decay of GQR (giant quadrupole resonance) via γ-ray emission to the ground state. Previously such phenomenon was observed only once, in 1980s. Now, with the use of a new experimental setup built at CCB for nuclear physics studies, we confirmed existence of the GQR gamma-decay and measured the branching ratio between GQR gamma decay to ground state and neutron emission.

During the seminar I will present the experimental method, the used equipment as well as the obtained results. In addition, the outlook for the continuation of such studies will be discussed.