Seminaria Instytutowe

Who’s troubled by Bell inequalities, or what is the weight of locality and free choice?

by Paweł Błasiak (IFJ PAN)


Is physical reality local, or does what we do here and now have an immediate influence on events elsewhere? Do we have free choice or are our decisions predetermined? In this talk, I will discuss how physicists understand these concepts, and how Bell’s theorem undermines our most cherished intuitions about cause-and-effect on the fundamental level. I will also show how to quantitatively compare the assumptions of locality and free choice, with a view to better appreciate their role and weight for causal (or realist) explanations of observed correlations.

The talk based on the article:
P. Blasiak, E. M. Pothos, J. M. Yearsley, C. Gallus, and E. Borsuk
“Violations of locality and free choice are equivalent resources in Bell experiments”
PNAS 118 e2020569118 (2021)