Seminaria Instytutowe

New vistas in ultraperipheral heavy-ion collisions

by Mariola Kłusek-Gawenda (Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN)


My research aimed at solving and broadening the view on current problems related to ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions. Theoretical predictions, which are an integral part of ongoing and planned experiments at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, will be presented.  I will present the elementary and nuclear cross section for electromagnetic production of particles that result from $\gamma\gamma$-fusion or photoproduction.  The innovation of the research lies in the possibility of making distributions of many measurable kinematic variables, which are often key to better understanding the reaction mechanism, rather than being limited to presenting only the value of the total cross section. The presented aspect of the research can be used to plan future experiments as well as to interpret already existing experimental results. The analyses are interdisciplinary. The correctness of the results is strongly influenced by the type of nuclear form factor used, which is known from electron scattering on nuclei. Application of the Fourier transform of the charge density in the nucleus allows a result that is more consistent with existing experimental data.