Seminaria Instytutowe

Test of the three body interactions: lifetime measurements of excited states in neutron-rich C and O isotopes

by Michał Ciemała (IFJ PAN)


During the presentation, I will describe an experiment carried out in GANIL, Caen, France in cooperation with scientists from Poland, Italy and France. The aim of the measurement was to determine the lifetimes of excited states in the nuclei of neutron-rich carbon and oxygen isotopes, in particular 16C and 20O. In the case of these nuclei, the ab-initio calculations predict a strong sensitivity of the electromagnetic transition probabilities to the nature of the nucleon-nucleon interactions, especially to the inclusion of three-body interactions  in the calculations.
I will present the method of analyzing of the data collected during the experiment with setup composed with AGATA and PARIS gamma-ray detectors coupled with VAMOS magnetic spectrometer, as well as the method of determining the lifetime of nuclear states in the range from several dozen to hundreds of femtoseconds (based on DSAM - Doppler Shift Attenuation Method). Next, I will compare the obtained measurement results to the predictions of theoretical calculations.