Seminaria Instytutowe

COVID-19 in Poland and in the World

by Krzysztof Wozniak (Institute of Nuclear Physics PAS, Krakow, Poland)


The COVID-19 disease spread all over the world and at least to some degree changed the life of almost all people. It is a new experience for all of us, as the last comparable pandemic was over 100 years earlier. Since February 2020 COVID-19 was present in the news every day, so the basic facts are well know. However, the popular media are mainly focused on local situation in their countries or select information which seems to be most attractive or sensational and can make "breaking news". This talk is an attempt to create a more complete picture, using data from reliable sources. In order to provide appropriate context the previous epidemics are briefly described. The development of epidemic in different countries is than presented. This allows to compare results of various strategies implemented by governments. Finally the COVID-19 vaccines and their properties are shortly described.