Seminaria Oddziału II

The MPD Experiment and the NICA complex: status and physics goals

by Prof. Adam Kisiel (Warsaw University of Technology, JINR Dubna)

Europe/Warsaw (Zoom)



The Nuclotron-base Ion Collider fAcility (NICA) is a flagship project of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna. Status of the preparation of the complex and recent important milestones in its construction will be presented. 

The Baryonic Matter at Nuclotron (BM@N) experiment is already operating in the fixed-target experimental area of NICA. Its setup and recent physics results will be briefly discussed. 

The Multi-Purpose Detector (MPD) is the main experiment to be carried out at the NICA facility. Study of the QCD phase diagram at the maximum baryonic density, the main scientific goal of MPD, will be presented. Recent news on the MPD assembly, subdetector component production and plans for commissioning will also be discussed. 

The contribution of Polish institutions to the NICA project will also be described.

Organized by

Adam Maj