Seminaria Instytutowe

Collective and single-particle properties of exotic atomic nuclei studied by measurement of gamma-rays

by Michał Ciemała (IFJ PAN)


In the recent years, I have been actively involved in the development of the PARIS "Photon Array for Studies with Radioactive Ion and Stable beams" scintillator array.  This newly created detector enables possibility  to perform numerous experiments aiming to shed light on collective and single particle properties of the nuclei through the measurement of gamma-rays.

I will briefly present recent experimental results from Giant Dipole Resonance gamma-ray decay  aiming to establish a connection between the shape of the compound nucleus formed in fusion reactions and the deformation of the residual nucleus following particle evaporation. Additionally, I will provide information on the Giant Quadrupole Resonance gamma-ray decay properties measured at CCB@IFJ PAN. Moreover, I will discuss studies on the fission process, basing on the experimental investigation with use of the combination of the PARIS detector with the VAMOS++ heavy ion spectrometer. Furthermore, I will describe use of PARIS phoswich modules to investigate exotic double gamma decay process. The significance of the three-body interaction term of the nucleon-nucleon interaction will be addressed in relation to the results obtained from coupled AGATA, VAMOS++ and PARIS detectors, which were used to measure the lifetimes of the second 2+ states in neutron rich light nuclei.