Seminaria Instytutowe

Liquid Argon Technology for Dark Matter Direct Detection and Medical Application

by Masayuki Wada (CAMK PAN)


The dark matter community is increasingly focused on developing advanced detector technologies to detect a wide range of dark matter candidates, complementing planned searches for weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs). 
The DarkSide-50 detector at LNGS, Italy, has shown the ability to detect low-mass WIMPs (<10 GeV/c2) interacting with nuclei and electron-scattering DM down to 20 MeV/c2. I'll present new DarkSide-50 results for low-mass DM and ongoing efforts for the DarkSide-LowMass experiment. Additionally, I'll discuss our work on low-energy nuclear recoil calibration and our exploration of applying LAr technology to PET scanners for medical imaging.