Seminaria Oddziału II

Probing nuclei at high spins with Indian National Gamma Array @ IUAC, Delhi

by Prof. Sanjay Kumar Chamoli (Department of Physics & Astrophysics, University of Delhi, Delhi, INDIA)

NO2 Lecture room (IFJ PAN)

NO2 Lecture room



Nuclear structure studies at high spins and high excitation energy has always fascinated researchers for decades. As a result of consistent experimental and theoretical efforts a vast number of new structural phenomena like shape coexistence, octupole collectivity, wobbling excitations, chirality, super deformation, etc. have been discovered in nuclei at high spins. In such experimental studies, the energetic heavy ion beams, the optimized experimental setups and large detector high resolution arrays along with the state of art ultra-fast nuclear electronics played an important role. In India too, the nuclear structure studies at high spins are being carried out for quite sometimes now with the experimental tools and techniques available at various research facilities. At the Inter University Accelerator Center (IUAC), Delhi, India too, the nuclear structure studies at high spins have been done with the 24 -Clover detector based Indian National Gamma Array (INGA) using stable energetic ion beams. Currently at this facility, our Group is involved in the nuclear structure and gamma ray spectroscopic studies at high spins in the nuclei of mass A ~ 120 and A ~ 170. The structure studies have been done with RDM and DSAM lifetime measurements. Recently few experiments have been performed, which resulted in some interesting physics. My talk will focus on our recent measurements at the IUAC, Delhi research facility with a little overview of the current experimental nuclear physics research in India.

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Adam Maj