Jul 16 – 22, 2009
Kraków, Poland
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Latest results from the Pamela experiment

Jul 16, 2009, 11:00 AM
Middle Lecture Hall B (Kraków, Poland)

Middle Lecture Hall B

Kraków, Poland

The Auditorium Maximum of the Jagiellonian University 33 Krupnicza Street 31-123 Kraków
Astroparticle Physics I. Astroparticle Physics


Prof. Oscar Adriani (University of Florence and INFN Florence)


The PAMELA apparatus has been launched in space on June 15, 2006 on the Russian Resurs DK1 satellite, and is continuously taking data since July 2006. The experiment is devoted to the precise and extensive measurements of cosmic ray in space, with main focus on the antiprotons and positrons in the 100 MeV/200 GeV energy range. Primary protons, electrons and light nuclei spectra are also precisely measured, and many solar physics and geomagnetic related aspects can be investigated with high statistics and long time exposure. This talk will present the latest analysis of the PAMELA data, with particular emphasis on the antiproton/proton and positron/electron ratio.

Primary author

Prof. Oscar Adriani (University of Florence and INFN Florence)

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