Seminaria Instytutowe

Application of X-ray spectroscopy in studies of physical and chemical damage to DNA

by Joanna Czapla-Masztafiak (IFJ PAN)


Due to the increasing number of cancer cases in the world, research into new anti-tumor therapies is particularly important. DNA, being one of the most important components of the human cell, is an influential target of both chemical and physical damages, causing cancer cell death. Therefore, our research is focused on interaction of chemical and physical agents with cell constituents, such as DNA, and their potential anti-tumor activity.

During the seminar I will present our results of studies of DNA damage formation utilizing X-ray spectroscopy with laboratory and synchrotron X-ray sources. Presented methodology of research can be used to obtain information about chemical structure of studied metal complexes with potential anticancer activity, their hydrolysis as well as interaction mechanism with other biomolecules. This approach was successfully implemented in the studies of cisplatin, novel platinum drugs and copper complexes with phenanthroline. Moreover, I will present the methodology of time-resolved studies of DNA damage formation, which can be used on pulse X-ray sources, such as free electron lasers, and give us the information about dynamics of the studied interactions.